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A recent study shows that up to 70 different companies, based in four of the world’s top countries, create Laser Levels. In this survey, Bosch is right up there among these elite corporations!  

In 1909, Bosch, a German corporation established more than 130 years ago in Gerlingen, opened its first industrial factory in Stuttgart. The corporation has grown to become a world leader in supplying technology, services, and tools, and in 2021 it achieved a commercial success of 78.7 billion euros. The Bosch company is responsible for the design and production of all Bosch power tools, measuring equipment, and peripherals, both corded and cordless. Notable Bosch professional equipment includes drills, table saws, multitools, impact drivers, and miter saws. 

Bosch’s laser levels, as well as Bosch’s measurements and detectors, are two of the company’s best-selling products. Bosch’s laser level increases productivity and precision while cutting down on wasted time. They can be used in a formal or informal setting. If you are a construction engineer or a do-it-yourselfer, this article will help you understand the differences between the different types of Bosch laser levels.

Top Bosch Laser Level Models

1. The Bosch GLL3-330CG Laser Level

For quick and easy installation with just one person, consider the green-beam. This Bosch laser model uniquely connects three-Plane beam lines. The green beam lines are projected on the single horizontal and double vertical planes by the laser machine, giving a total of 360 degrees of beam lines. By connecting the laser to a smartphone through Bluetooth, users may adjust the setting from a distance using the Bosch model remote application. 

The laser can be operated either by the integrated 12 V Max Li-ion battery, which provides longer runtime or by four standard AA batteries. The laser has an operating range of up to 200 feet in diameter, and with the additional LR8 receiver, the range increases to 330 feet. This laser is made to work in wet and dusty environments. It has an over-molded case, CAL Guard to make sure it stays calibrated, and VisiMax Technology to make sure the lines are as clear as possible.

2. The Bosch GCL100-40G Auto-leveling Cross-Line Laser Level

The green lines and plumb points emitted by the Bosch GCL100-40G cross-line green beam self-leveling laser are up to four times as luminous as those emitted by a traditional red beam. In this way, the laser may reach a distance of up to 165 feet along the lines. The laser may create green plumb bobs vertically and horizontally. The tool’s dual-line projection capability makes it useful for a wide variety of leveling and flattening tasks. Its patented VisiMax technology constantly analyzes power usage and tool temperature to determine the optimal setting for line brightness. 

The tool’s entire rubber over mold housing was inspired by the design of a car’s roll cage, and it serves to protect the tool’s most vulnerable parts from damage. There are substantially recessed windows that contribute to the IP64 rating and the safety of the laser glass. Adjustment between available configurations is easy to do, thanks to the intuitive onboard UI. Locking the pendulum for safe transport is just one more feature of the Bosch Smart Pendulum System’s self-leveling and out-of-level status indication. The RM10 revolving mount that comes with it has strong magnets and a knob that can be turned to make precise adjustments.

3. The Bosch REVOLVE2000 Rotary Laser Level

If you need a complete laser leveling tool that is accurate for outdoor and indoor tasks, look no further than the Bosch REVOLVE2000 reconditioned self-leveling rotary laser level. With Manual Dual Slope, the laser’s slope angle can be changed independently along the X and Y axes. The GRL2000-40HVK is a self-leveling laser that can be used for horizontal and vertical leveling and alignment. Each of the included extras can be stored safely in the hard case that is part of this set. With the included receiver, the REVOLVE2000 rotary laser has a working range of up to 2,000 feet and a precision of 1/16 inch at 100 feet. For reliable leveling results on the Jobsite, the laser is equipped with an automatic self-leveling system that features a disturbance monitor. The laser’s red metal housing is sturdy. This easy-to-use package comes with an LR20 laser receiver with a tripod mount, a metal tripod, an RC4 remote control, a WM4 wall mount, and a strong steel rod.

4. The 18V Bosch REVOLVE4000 Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Laser Level

A complete solution for accurate indoor and outdoor leveling is provided by the 18V Bosch REVOLVE4000 Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level with User-calibration. For leveling applications, it offers a Dual Dial-In Slope function that enables slope angle modification on both the X and Y axes. A Bosch CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery powers this laser, giving it a longer operating duration. Its green laser beam is up to four times as powerful as regular red beams. The Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries in the 4.0 Ah and 8.0 Ah range are compatible with the rotating laser. A four (D) cell alkaline adaptor is also included. This Bosch model is designed with a cage oversold and an original handle, and it complies with IP68 specifications for water and dirt protection. It has a Bluetooth capability that connects the device to the aligning remote application. 

This app controls On/Off, Double Dial-In Slope, and other features. The uCAL (user-calibration) function of the rotary laser guides the user step-by-step through the calibration procedure. This prevents tool downtime and gives users assurance that the laser is precise. It has a range of up to 4,000 feet with a laser receiver and precision of up to 1/16 inch at 100 feet in horizontal applications and 1/8 inch at 100 feet in vertical mode. The laser has a vertical beam with a 90-degree point for alignment, squaring, and layout purposes. The whole kit comes with a laser receiver, an aluminum mount, a robust grade rod, an 18V 4.0 Ah battery and charger, an alkaline battery adaptor, a remote control, and a hard-carrying case.

Key Takeaway 

A Bosch laser level guarantees straight, highly visible lines for users. With Bosch’s self-leveling line lasers, you can quickly and accurately align lines horizontally and vertically. Bosch line lasers are easy to use and get jobs done quickly and accurately both inside and outside. Their robust, durable, and user-friendly designs make them perfect for a wide range of settings.

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