What Is the Best Laser Level?

Laser levels are reliable, consistent, and time-saving. The most effective and user-friendly laser level will automatically adjust to any surface. By beaming a laser beam of light across a large room or job site, laser levels can do all that a bubble or spirit level is capable of and more. 

They are more than capable of doing tedious jobs with a wide field range, like aligning ledger boards for a deck. A lot of people have been puzzled about which laser level is the best recently, so we put a few of the top models to the test to help you make an informed decision. Read on to earn more!

What Is the Most Reliable Laser Level?

Here, we’ll take a look at the top five laser levels, chosen from among many others that have been shown to perform exceptionally well in studies.

1. The DEWALT DW089K Auto-Leveling Laser (Overall Best)

The DeWalt line laser level has everything necessary to complete the task, whether it’s for home use or a professional job site. For leveling and aligning virtually any project, this laser has three auto-leveling red beam lines (single horizontal beam line and double vertical beam lines). It has a micro-adjustment knob on top that lets the user fine-tune the direction of the beam, and it is accurate to within ⅛ inches at 30 feet. The DeWalt tested out as one of the simplest to set up and operate. It has a magnetic back and a beam clamp for mounting to the angle iron. The red beam lines are visible and very bright.

The DeWalt’s sturdy build is what elevates it to the number one spot. Although it isn’t the biggest laser level, it is one of the heaviest and most durable, and the drop test mostly spared it damage. It is only limited by its inability to emit 360-degree beamlines.


  • It supports an auto-leveling function.
  • It has a sturdy framework.
  • It is simple to use and set up.
  • It has micro-adjustment knobs.


  • Not able to project beams in all directions (360°).

2. BLACK+DECKER BDL190S Laser level with Stud Finder – (Best Low-cost Option)

The Black & Decker BDL190S is a good value for individuals who don’t require the advanced capabilities found in more expensive models. However, this laser level isn’t up to the task of major repairs or complex building projects, but it will do the trick for hanging pictures and bookcases on a wall.

The stud finder and wire detector on this affordable laser level are particularly useful. The BDL190S has a built-in hanger with a wedge pin for easy wall mounting, and the laser will automatically level itself once installed. One potential sticking point for those with brick or concrete walls is that the Black & Decker must be mounted by poking a small hole in the wall. It can only project a single horizontal beam line.

The beam finder on this laser model is an excellent addition, as it makes the tool function accurately.


  • It comes with an integrated wall-penetration detector.
  • It is effortlessly simple to use.
  • It is swift and steady.


  • A hole must be drilled in the wall.
  • Having only a single beam of light.

3. The LL932201 SKIL 360° Cross-Line Laser Level (Best Light-duty Option)

Not every do-it-yourselfer needs a top-of-the-line, top-of-the-budget laser level with industrial-strength features. The SKIL Self-Leveling 360-degree Cross Line Laser Level is an option for people looking for something less robust and costly.

The SKIL is fully functional and equipped with all the required functions, incorporating horizontal and vertical beam lines projected from the laser system, and 360-degree range, but it lacks the polish of more expensive models. You get a powerful, simple laser level at a lower price, and it even has a tripod, so you can put it at any height you need.

This SKIL laser model is a strong option for light-duty use. It is simple to set up and use; well-built for its price point and purpose; and sturdy. Even though it is easy to mount quickly, the tripod’s sturdiness isn’t great. However, the mount placement is one of the few options that enable angling the laser which means precision may not be 100 percent when using mounting it.


  • It supports self-leveling.
  • It is simple, rapid, and reliable steadying


  • The Mount (tripod) is poor in quality.

4. The 93LCLS Klein Tools Laser Level (Best Heavy-duty Option)

The 93LCLS Klein tools laser level includes many of the same capabilities as competing models, but it also has a few that are unique. This Klein model plumb-spot finder, which has a vertical arm that goes out 180° from the level, can be a very useful tool when building conduit, pipe, or drop ceilings.

There are a few ways you can attach this device to the wall or ceiling, including a magnetic tripod mount that can rotate through 360 degrees and a mount designed specifically for aligning ceiling boards. This Klein laser model doesn’t have a constant 360-degree laser, but the fact that it can be swiveled on the mount without losing its level makes up for that. Its adaptability is greatly enhanced by the many possible mounting configurations.

The Klein 93LCLS laser level is a robust and dependable instrument. The project beam line is easy to notice, and the plumb spot could be used on several tasks because it would save time compared to using a traditional plumb bob or level. The framework is similarly easy to set up. One potential drawback is that, at this price point, a wider field of view is expected.


  • It is an efficient and quick plummet-to-target device.
  • It is sufficiently oversized and sturdy.
  • It is easy to set up.


  • It lacks a full-circle plane, which is a major drawback.

5. The GLL30 Bosch Cross-Line Laser Level (Most Space-efficient Option)

While it may seem extravagant to have a cross-line laser level at the tip of your fingers at all times, with Bosch’s compact and reasonably priced GLL30, this is entirely possible. This compact laser level may be used to measure with 5/16 of an inch of accuracy out to 30 feet, and it emits red laser beams in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Its compact size makes it ideal for transport in a toolkit or storage in a toolkit.

The Bosch cross-line laser level lacks the space for a significant amount of high-end hardware, so it sacrifices some precision in favor of a more compact form factor. But with this model, there have been no complaints about the accuracy of this Bosch model, and setting it up is a breeze. Furthermore, the multi-positional mount with a clamp will allow the laser to be placed at any angle or flat surface (a feat that was nearly impossible to achieve on any of the other tiers).


  • It is very straightforward to use
  • Its adaptable clamp can be used on numerous substrates.
  • Compact enough to go about in a toolbox or carry on


  • Size and portability come at the expense of precision.

Key Takeaway

In 2022, the best laser levels can be judged by their accuracy, usability, and battery life. You should do thorough research on each laser you want to buy, to make sure it meets your needs. The laser level is a one-of-a-kind and indispensable tool because of its many applications and its ability to facilitate the rapid and correct completion of work. 

The DeWalt DW089K, on the other hand, is an excellent laser level with many customization options, like horizontal and vertical alignment indicators, and an intuitive design. Additionally, it’s affordable. By putting together this detailed guide, we want you to find the best laser level for your needs now and in the future!

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